Success Solutions

If you’re like most of us, you’ve given quite a bit of thought to your short- and long-term financial needs. You’ve probably begun investing with those needs in mind. What’s often missing is a coherent, strategic approach. We developed the Success Solutions to provide just that.  These are collaborative, comprehensive processes where we work together to put you on the path toward reaching your goals, not just in a financial sense, but with the big picture in mind.

We offer three different Success Solutions.

  1. Our Retirement Success Solution® is for those who are looking to make a smooth transition from employment to retirement, maintaining their quality of life and planning for health care and other needs.
  2. The Lifetime Success Solution®  includes all of the above, plus estate, insurance and charitable gift planning.
  3. Our Charitable Success Solution®  offers well-designed giving strategies that can enhance retirement and estate planning while satisfying benevolent interests.

Success Solutions works in three stages.

  • Stage One: Discovery & Assessment We look at your financial situation and your lifetime goals, and start thinking about the obstacles and opportunities that lie between them. This stage typically begins with the Success Solution Workshop, where we sit down with you to put the process in motion.
  • Stage Two: Analysis & Planning –  Working collaboratively, we create the strategic framework designed to take you where you want to go. We look at your entire financial picture (including assets, liabilities, tax information, insurance policies, and other) and build a plan targeted towards your goals.
  • Stage Three: Implementation & Management Once the plan kicks into action we monitor if you are on the right track and recommend adjustments when we feel it’s needed.

The Success Solutions are planning processes intended to identify an individual’s or a couple’s personal and lifestyle goals and develop strategies targeted to achieve them. Investment plans created in response to these goals are not guaranteed and are subject to market and investment risk. There is a possibility of principal loss, and no assurance of appreciation is made. The investment management plan and/or services provided may have separate charges or commissions, and the investment products used may have separate expenses and fees associated with them. Please take time to read account-related documentation, agreements, and product materials.