1/31/2019  WOMEN IN TRANSITION Five Strategies to Transition to a New You

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Tower Club in Tyson, VA from Noon to 4 pm
We all face transitions in our lives. It might be a career change or a new business. Perhaps your transition is more personal; you’re recently widowed or caring for an aging parent. Then again, it might simply be that you are looking to make a change in your lifestyle or want to take better care of your health, both mind and body.

This is a one-time event. Steve Collins and Jen Du Plessis have brought together a powerful group of professional speakers and experts who understand what it means to balance family, business, relationships, health, wealth, and mindset. Combined, they bring you—their audience—significant tools to boost success levels across your personal and business life.

    • Jen Du Plessis, author speaker, and coach brings her experience and expertise to share tips for success in business.
    • Stan Padgett is a motivational speaker and “different kind’ of relationship expert who speaks from experience rather than book learning.
    • Jenny Dumnich is an author, coach and wellness expert who provides practical and purposeful strategies that lead to personal health, happiness, and success.
    • Lisa Liberman-Wang is an author, educator and mentor who empowers women to take charge with a proven model to breakthrough whatever is weighing you down.
    • Steve Collins is a Wealth Management Advisor whose passion is helping guide clients through markets and the investing process.