Financial Calculators

LMA Tools and Analyses

  • Retirement Funding Analysis (RFA) – This custom analysis is the nucleus of our Success Solutions® series. The RFA incorporates the assets you own, the liabilities you owe, the income you receive, and expenses you have to accurately calculate the growth rate in your investment and retirement assets needed to achieve your financial and lifetime goals. The more you account for, the more realistic your plan.
  • Charitable Gift Analysis (CGA) – Philanthropy can be an important aspect to your financial plan. Not only does it provide a tremendous gift to worthy endeavors, but it could allow for tax and income benefits to you and your beneficiaries. The CGA tool that we utilize considers the many available charitable giving vehicles and runs a variety of scenarios to help determine what vehicle best fits your state tax, income and philanthropic goals.
  • Estate Planning Flow Chart (EPFC) – Do you have a stack of trusts, wills and power-of-attorney documents that seems like it is three feet high? Many people do! That is why we developed our EPFC analysis to make sense out of it all and to show, on ONE PAGE, how your estate will transfer and what tax liabilities you may encounter based on your current estate planning documents.


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