Lifetime Success Solution®

The Lifetime Success Solution® helps successful people reach their lifetime goals. The Lifetime Success Solution® will help you identify your goals, which isn’t as easy as it seems, and develop comprehensive strategies targeted to achieving them.

Lifetime Success Solution Process

Created by Ron Lara, CFP®, founder of Lara, May & Associates, LLC,  The Lifetime Success Solution® is designed to help clients develop a comprehensive plan that addresses key aspects of their future lifestyle and financial needs,  including retirement income needs, planning for health care, estate planning, insurance and charitable gift planning.

“Many clients have a high net worth and have done some planning,” says Ron Lara. “However, they may not have strategies in place as a result of this planning to help them accomplish their lifetime goals. Also, their finances may be scattered, and they may not have a coordinated financial plan. As such, they’re confused and unsure about what the future will bring. That’s why we created The Lifetime Success Solution® – to help our clients feel confident about their future and be able to measure if they are on track with their lifetime goals.

The Lifetime Success Solution® is divided into three distinct stages. In stage one, we help you assess your current financial situation and set your vision statement for what you would like to achieve, both personally and financially. Working together in stage two, we help you develop specific strategies and a Lifetime Success Plan™ tailored towards helping you achieve your goals. In stage three, we help you develop a Lifetime Success Team™ of professionals to help implement your plan.

“We developed The Lifetime Success Solution® from our experience working with hundreds of clients over the past 30 years” Lara says. “We help them clearly understand their current situation and then develop a powerful vision of their future . We then look at any obstacles standing in their way and develop strategies to overcome these obstacles. Lastly, we look at the many different tools they have available to them, and we develop a plan to use these tools and implement their strategies designed for towards reaching their goals.”

To help you get started with our process, we invite you to participate in a one-on-one Lifetime Success Workshop™. During the session, we will gather vital information  necessary to being working you through our process. When you’ve completed the session, you’ll be ready to participate in The Lifetime Success Program™, designed to help you develop and implement your Lifetime Success Plan™.

“When you have completed The Lifetime Success Solution®, you should have even greater confidence about your future. You will have customized strategies in place. You will have clearly defined goals.  Your investments will be coordinated and manage and you should feel excited about your future.”

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The Success Solutions are planning processes intended to identify an individual’s or a couple’s personal and lifestyle goals and develop strategies targeted to achieve them. Investment plans created in response to these goals are not guaranteed and are subject to market and investment risk. There is a possibility of principal loss, and no assurance of appreciation is made. The investment management plan and/or services provided may have separate charges or commissions, and the investment products used may have separate expenses and fees associated with them. Please take time to read account-related documentation, agreements, and product materials