Retirement Success Solution®

Created by Lara, May & Associates, LLC, The Retirement Success Solution® (“RSS”) is a program that incorporates multiple aspects of your financial universe to build a comprehensive plan for your retirement.  Each client’s personalized RSS Plan, data and documents are put into an easy-to-read binder that can be referred back  to periodically to review where they are towards meeting their goals.

“We developed The Retirement Success Solution® from our experience working with hundreds of clients over the past 30 years” says Ron Lara, CFP®, President of Lara, May & Associates, LLC. “Many people are unsure of how to structure and plan for their retirement. They are facing a new and exciting chapter of their lives, and we want to help them make smart decisions regarding their quality of life, protecting their lifestyle and family legacy.”

After people have completed The Retirement Success Solution®, they should feel more comfortable making the transition from employment to retirement and enjoy greater optimism knowing someone is guiding them along the way. They will have customized tax and investment strategies in place. They will have clearly defined goals. Their investment plan will be coordinated and managed by their LMA team,  and they can feel confident knowing their legacy wishes are in place.

To learn more about the RSS Process, individuals or couples can participate in a  one-on-one Retirement Success Workshop™. During this session, they work with us through the first few steps of the process. When they have completed their session, they will be ready to participate in The Retirement Success Solution®.

Learn more about our Custom Analysis that is the unique foundation to our Success Solutions

The Success Solutions are planning processes intended to identify an individual’s or a couple’s personal and lifestyle goals and develop strategies targeted to achieve them. Investment plans created in response to these goals are not guaranteed and are subject to market and investment risk. There is a possibility of principal loss, and no assurance of appreciation is made. The investment management plan and/or services provided may have separate charges or commissions, and the investment products used may have separate expenses and fees associated with them. Please take time to read account-related documentation, agreements, and product materials.